b. Zurich, Switzerland; Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Chrissy Angliker's painting practice focuses on creating a balanced relationship between the controllable and uncontrollable, while visually translating her perception of herself in relation to the world. The artist's investigation of life's push and pull between control and chaos is depicted through intentional marks, the transitional tension between these two opposing elements representative of Angliker's search for a sense of grace.


The ridges, crevices and peaks created by Angliker's brushstrokes place her paintings somewhere between dimensionalities, strikingly painterly and figurative while also definitively sculptural and impressionistic. When painting, Angliker aims to influence the paint rather than manipulate it, allowing herself to react to the nature of her medium. In the artist's words, "as people, we have intentions, but must anticipate the intervention of outside forces beyond our power."


Angliker has exhibited extensively in both Europe and the US and her work has been featured in several international print and online publications, including Forbes.com, The Know Culture, The Last Magazine, Bolero Magazine, and Hyperallergic. In 2016, Neidhard & Schoen AG published an in-depth book, Chrissy Angliker PAINT/ING/S, examining Angliker's process and resulting paintings with a focus on her work created between 2014 and 2016. Angliker has been awarded the Rowena Reed Kostellow Award (Pratt Institute) and the International Takifuji Art Award (Tokyo), among other international accolades and nominations, and has had site- and project-specific work commissioned by AOL America Online, Burton Snowboards, and Wired Magazine, to name a few.

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