Amy Applegate


Amy Applegate’s paintings encapsulate the art of observation. Each of the artist’s works represent a passing moment, an intimate narrative, a fleeting memory - something that the artist is intent on remembering. Poetic and familiar, Applegate’s paintings use ordinary objects and simple views, chosen from the artist’s immediate surroundings and depicted in quiet, muted colors, to explore the ways in which ordinary observances can change depending on how, when and by whom they are witnessed. The artist’s work calls on the viewer to stop and pay attention to things they encounter by chance in everyday life and to acknowledge that moments can never be fully captured and documented before they’ve changed. 


Applegate is an observational painter, with her method rooted in academic realism, techniques deliberately chosen by the artist because they force her to “be still and pay attention.” With an intentionally narrow focus, the artist feels liberated to be in control, while playfully acknowledging that nothing is truly within one’s control. Applegate’s technique is process-based; each work is as much about the moment of recognition and the indefinite time spent observing as it is about the final, finished painting. During the creation of each painting, the artist persistently considers, interprets and represents the objects and landscapes that she selects, a continuous pursuit to construct new perspectives of the ordinary. Applegate’s paintings are memorialized experiences - living inanimate objects that can only be captured as constructions of what recently was.


Amy Applegate graduated with a BFA from the Herron School of Art and Design in 2015, where during her studies was awarded the Paul W. Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship and the A.G. Fraser International Travel Scholarship. Applegate was recently awarded notable grants including the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant and the Katherine B. Sutphin Artist Grant. The artist has exhibited at contemporary art galleries across the United States, with recent exhibitions at Tyger Tyger Gallery in Asheville, NC; Smoke the Moon in Santa Fe, NM; and Vining Gallery in Indianapolis, IN.  Applegate will be presenting new work in her first solo exhibition with Massey Klein Gallery later this year, her first exhibition in New York City. Her work has been exhibited at cultural institutions nationally, notably at the Harper College National Juried Exhibition, the Indianapolis Art Center and The Harrison Center. The artist is based in Indianapolis, IN.