b. 1982, Säkylä, Finland; Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland

When Sami Havia begins a new painting or drawing, he sets the basis for a color palette and then improvises. Without further planning or design, he takes the colors and starts drawing forms and playing with shapes. Whether on paper or canvas, he draws - even when he paints.  Brushes, color pencils, acrylics, oil paint, pastels, and sticks.  Havia’s aesthetic is lush, frisky, and chaotic, but also organically organized. His works are dynamic, with each supporting element on a mission to harmonize. He does not work with themes, but with shapes, forms, movement, and growth. He’s drawn to soft and gentle things: to beauty, but also to the grotesque.  As each work evolves, there remains both a conscious control, and a compelling need to lose control.

Havia graduated as Master of Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011.  His work has been subject to five solo exhibitions in Helsinki and several group shows in museums and galleries around Europe. Havia’s works are placed in prestigious public and private collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Finnish State Art Collection.