Caleb Nussear: Verdancy

5 February - 13 March 2021

Massey Klein Gallery is pleased to present Verdancy, a solo exhibition featuring new sculptural drawings by Caleb Nussear. This is the artist’s first solo show with the gallery and in New York City. The exhibition will be on view from Friday, February 5th until Saturday, March 13th. The gallery will host an Opening Reception day from 12-5pm on Sunday, February 7th. For information regarding works available, please email

Installation Views
Press release

Caleb Nussear’s practice explores the overlap between what is physical and what is unseen. His sculptural drawing series, a process he has developed over the last five years, involves a blend of intuitive drawing and specific, mathematical configurations of folded paper that emphasize a relationship between two and three dimensional surface to synthesize an energized pictorial space.

The works included in Verdancy are inspired by nature and specifically the advent of Spring and the cyclical process of regeneration it brings. The artist begins each abstract drawing after a series of color studies, meditations, and focused readings. The drawings achieve an array of sensual color fields and expressive movement. Nussear employs techniques of layered colored pencil and pastel, evoking the luminous qualities associated with Georges Seurat and the Neo-Impressionists. India ink is also included in certain drawings, demonstrating expressive line work and color density similarly found in Chinese Song Dynasty painting. After completing the drawing, the artist then incorporates a crease pattern, folding the single sheet of paper along a precise geometric lattice. This class of pattern is named the Miura after Koryo Miura, a Japanese astrophysicist who formalized the first of these structures in the late 1970s. The drawing now exists as a three dimensional object, whose surface is raised evoking that of a diamond tiled mountain range.

Because of the three dimensional nature of the folded paper, there is an intentional aspect of time inherent to experiencing these works. The drawings can never be viewed in their initial form before the folding process. Instead, the viewer experiences portions of the drawing from various vantage points as intimate vignettes, and nuances slowly reveal themselves over time. Pattern, shadow and light play integral roles in the viewing experience. These sculptural drawings are articulated in the language of formal, geometric abstraction; however, the spirit of the series is about landscape. They come form a place of being heavily inspired by nature and its untamed and untouched beauty. Nussear seeks to tap into that energy and imbue these works with a sense of mystery, a sense of power and a sense of fragility, giving a delicate balance to each piece.

Caleb Nussear is an American artist living in New York. The artist received a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Bard College at Simon’s Rock and an M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago.

Massey Klein Gallery is located at 124 Forsyth St. New York, NY 10002. For inquiries regarding works available, please contact