b. 1982; Michigan; Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Matthew Larson’s practice involves intricately embedding singular strands of fiber into sewn velcro panels to create seamless tapestry-like surfaces. Through controlled use of line, Larson achieves precise patterns and striations of color and texture. Optically, these works appear to follow a traditional warp and weft structure, but are built on a single plane. While solidly within the fiber art lens, Larson’s work holds close ties to painting, drawing, and minimalism, employing works rich with subtlety and nuance.

Through a labor-intensive process developed by the artist, Larson achieves precise patterns and striations of color and texture working primarily with mass-produced and commonplace materials.  Larson’s work references the hard edges, limited palettes and stripped-down geometric shapes of Minimalism while introducing sensuous, tactile and sculptural surfaces. Similarly, he explores the nature of perception by creating optical illusions while playfully bring in ethereal variegated hues.


Matthew Larson has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, including exhibitions at commercial galleries located in New York, Marfa, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and East Hampton.  He has participated in exhibitions at LIC Arts (Long Island City, 2016) and BRIC Arts Media House (Brooklyn, 2015) and his work has been featured in two group exhibitions at The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver: “The Nth Dimension” in 2019 and “Extended Remix” in 2006.  The artist graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado in 2006.  His work has been featured in several print and online publications, including Artnet News, Artoday, and Surface Design Journal.

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