Miami Art Week Report: Day 2

Elevate Española highlights the importance of public art, and the fairs begin
Annabel Keenan, Artillery, 6 December 2023
Also apt for the digital art-inspired theme are Kate McQuillen and Aliza Morell, personal favorites whose works are on view in New York-based Massey Klein’s booth. Both artists create paintings that consider various facets of art history while employing visual elements that recall digital art. Similar to Crotty in High Noon’s booth, McQuillen’s abstract paintings seem to pulsate with a digital glow. With a background in printmaking, McQuillen combines various techniques, including using silk screens to apply paint, achieving a flat, matte surface with color gradients that shimmer. Complementing these are Morell’s meticulous paintings of hands floating in space and intertwining plants rendered in crisp colors and set in solid, often dark, backgrounds. Surrealist in their imagery, Morell’s works contain a similar glow and vibration to McQuillen’s.