Stitching Stories: Interview With Textile Artist Peter Frederiksen

Adam Hencz, The Artlander, Issue 97, Artland Magazine, 25 February 2023

With thread and needle, Peter Frederiksen defies convention and elevates embroidery to an art form. Inspired by classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes and The Simpsons, Frederiksen’s creations feature intricate embroidery on linen canvas stretched onto wooden panels.


His unique textile art uses a standard sewing machine in a free-motion style, resulting in a dense, hypnotic effect. Frederiksen carefully curates screenshots from old cartoons, editing and cropping them to create a compelling narrative. His art delves into the violent moments in cartoons, capturing knives piercing doors and hands contorting while playing the piano. 


With his upcoming exhibition titled Coward!, Frederiksen explores the human experience of fear and failure. He questions the success of his previous works, asking himself whether people appreciate his art for the imagery or the threads he is pulling at. The exhibition includes 19 new works, with three larger pieces featuring embroideries on jacquard weavings, breaking new ground in his medium. The titular piece stands out, a blank canvas with the word Coward! painted in cursive, casting a shadow over a newly-set sun.