Artists Capture Their Internal Experiences in Jack Siebert’s Latest Curatorial Exhibition

Shawn Ghassemitari, Hype Beast, 16 February 2023
‘Immersed’ features the work of Greg Ito, Alfie Caine, Nadia Ayari and many more.
See installation images here.


“What is it like to experience a new place, somewhat nostalgic or maybe unfamiliar?” Art collector and curator Jack Siebert asks that of the viewer upon entering his second exhibition in Los Angeles. Immersed brings together 21 artists who meditate on the notion that much of what we internally experience is just as vital to the external forces that shape it.


Greg ito, Alfie Caine, Madeleine Bialke and Nadia Ayari are some of the many figures who “take physical presence and recapture its structure with their own internal experience, through abstraction or depictions of landscape and personal settings,” as Siebert explained in a statement.


There is an iceberg effect to daily experience, where one truly cannot see what lies under the surface of another’s thoughts and experiences. As such, this group exhibition aims to reflect not that of which exists, “but rather a dialogue between the physical world we experience through our external senses and the imaginative in which we originate. The environment aims to facilitate an immersive experience without sacrificing the sense of neutrality afforded by a white box interior. Viewers are invited to a space—both simultaneously familiar and alien—to examine the contrast between their external stimuli and their perceptions,” Siebert added.


Running concurrent to Frieze and much of LA Art Week, Immersed will be on view in Los Angeles until Saturday, February 18.


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526 N Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004


Exhibiting Artists:

Tom Allen
Nadia Ayari
Izzy Barber
Madeleine Bialke
Anne Buckwalter
Alfie Caine
Kristy M Chan
Daniel Crews-Chubb
Bethany Czarnecki
Will Gabaldón
Henry Glavin
Brice Guilbert
Greg Ito
Pierre Knop
Jacob Littlejohn
Alexandria Mento
Eli Ping
Andrew Sendor
Anna Valdez
Nicole Wittenberg