These Melancholy Paintings Capture the Weariness of a Modern Generation

Maisie Skidmore, AnOther Magazine, 30 June 2018

Brooklyn-based artist Tony Toscani makes paintings for everybody who has ever spent a Friday evening getting ready to go out, sat down on their sofa to scroll for a minute through Instagram, and looked up again three hours later to find that the sun has gone down and the party’s almost over – before giving up on the idea altogether in favour of just going to bed instead. His vivid figurative paintings – which depict young, beautiful people sunk in a soporific stupor, seemingly induced by the sheer much-ness of contemporary life – are as recognisable as they are jarring. They are of us, we viewers quickly realise, and our friends and peers; we are the subject of this aesthetic study, and we didn’t even know we were participating in it.


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