Artist Profile, Bethany Czarnecki

Lizzie Cheatham NcNairy, Matrons & Mistresses, 20 August 2020

I had been following Bethany Czarnecki for a number of months when her DM came through.  Sharing that her first solo exhibit would be opening soon at Massey Klein Gallery, Bethany asked if I might be interested in learning more. My answer was an immediate yes

Thoughtful, skilled, and engaging, I have so enjoyed getting to know Bethany over the summer. To my delight, life seems to remind me of her work everywhere now. This is especially true as I enjoy Mother Nature’s impeccable color combinations and the complex overlap of many of Her creations. Brilliantly depicting the female topography, encompassing much more than just our physical form, Bethany’s atmospheric dreamscapes acknowledge our strength and our beauty… our need for autonomy and connection.


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