The Company Your Mind Keeps: Catherine Haggarty Interviewed by Sangram Majumdar

Sangram Majumdar, BOMB, 25 January 2021

Catherine Haggarty’s new paintings are:

a) a series of codes and ciphers;
b) a game board;
c) a scavenger-hunt underwater or in some faraway galaxy;
d) all of the above. 


I choose all of the above. On the occasion of Haggarty’s first solo exhibition in New York City, An Echo’s Glyph at Massey Klein Gallery, we sat down over Zoom and across state lines to talk about the kaleidoscope of light and color radiating from these new canvases. Perhaps this strange sense of retinal pleasure and pain is what the captive in Plato’s Cave felt when first walking into the sun.

—Sangram Majumdar


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