In the Studio With Tony Toscani, the Artist Capturing the Melancholy of Now

Stephanie Eckardt, W Magazine, 10 August 2021

The painting that started blowing up the artist Tony Toscani’s Instagram notifications a year and a half ago depicts an anonymous, morose-looking man with a comically small head. He clutches a cup of coffee and stares into what seems like an unending abyss. I’m not at all surprised when I stop by Toscani’s studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, once he says that, in his mind, the man is actually staring into a computer screen. Toscani has come to think of electronic devices—as well as books and cups of coffee—as ways to express a form of personal melancholy. I’m pretty sure I had been in the same position as the figure in his painting that morning—and far too many more than I’d care to count.


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