b. 1981; Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
Kevin Francis works primarily with found paper, an embodiment of discarded time. Through his grid-like compositions and distinct form of mark-making, his creations, which are both organic and structured, illustrate the interplay between line and abstraction.The theme of duality in Francis’ work is physically evident both through his use of subtle, tonal ranges juxtaposed against vibrant bursts of color, and his patterned, linear compositions filled with playful and explorative abstraction, calling on the viewer to employ their reflexive instincts to read the paintings.  

Francis’ process is technically unique, at once both intensely generous and introspective.  After sourcing his found paper, the artist pours, soaks and submerges the material in paint.  Then, through a simple drying process, he allows the paint to cure on its own.  Through trickling, pooling and smearing the paint forms into patterns of an uncontrolled nature.  Once fully dry, the large sheets of painted found paper are cut and reassembled into a quilt-like composition.  The artist also employs paint-soaked cords, which are stretched and snapped across found paper, creating single marks that, when repeated, create broad patterns over textured, reflective and undulating surfaces.  These too are then cut and sewn into quilt-like compositions, organically guiding the artist towards a final shape and dimension.    

Francis’ work has been featured in two previous exhibitions at Massey Klein Gallery - ‘Found Time,’ a solo exhibition in the summer of 2021, and ‘Line Item,’ a group exhibition with Matthew Larson and Allison Reimus from December 2019 through January 2020.  

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