Future Fair Holiday Market: Howard Fonda, Kathryn Mecca, Leigh Suggs

22 November 2021 - 10 January 2022 

Future Fair is pleased to announce the second edition of its virtual Holiday Market, featuring original artworks, editions, and objects within a range of accessible price points for new and experienced collectors to discover. Complimentary of — and counterpoint to — Future Fair’s flagship show, the Holiday Market holds space for emerging dealers and curators to participate and present, while encouraging seasoned dealers to share unseen and overlooked works. The platform features 23 exhibitors offering works from 70 international artists.


Massey Klein Gallery is pleased to present paintings by Howard Fonda, Kathryn Mecca, and Leigh Suggs.  Seen together, these works engage in conversations of color, movement, pattern and repetition.


In Howard Fonda’s paintings, the notions of form and content intertwine.  Abstraction, representation, and pattern are all strategies in his toolbox, and often all appear in a single painting.  Drawing from philosophy, mythological narratives, and Aboriginal textiles, Fonda’s paintings require of their viewers a high level of attention and deep contemplation. 


Kathryn Mecca's paintings capture the human figure as a vehicle to express ideas of presence, intimacy, movement, and perception.  Mecca utilizes traditional and labor-intensive oil painting methods that blend with the artist’s unique language as a contemporary painter. Her forms dance across the canvas, giving movement to uniquely quiet and nuanced moments. 


Leigh Suggs channels her fascination with the mystery and psychology of sight.  She obscures normal perception, manipulating her materials as if optical illusions. By cutting intricate patterns, she animates an array of materials, including painted Yupo (a thick, plastic-based paper), and ink. Spots, dots, and zig-zags roam in and out of focus, leaving a visual residue that challenges the reality of the lines, colors and patterns seen in each piece.