Louis Reith

Louis Reith
b. 1983 in Hengelo, NL; Lives and works in Zetten, NL


Grafiek – Verandering, Pulchri Studio, The Hague, NL
Art Brussels (duo w/ Rose Eken) w/ Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Brussels, BE
Market Art Fair (duo w/ Tina Maria Nielsen) w/ Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Stockholm, SE Klaar #2, De Vishal, Haarlem, NL
Art on Paper w/ Cinders Gallery, New York, NY, US

(Solo) Ro og ro, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, DK
A Sax in the Attic (duo w/ Jonathan Ryan Storm), Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York, NY, US 15 Artists 30 Works, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, NL
Code Art Fair w/ Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Hypnotic Country Yoga (duo w/ Jonathan Ryan Storm), Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, NL
Miart w/ Loom Gallery, Milan, IT
AWP Retrospect, ACEC, Apeldoorn, NL (cat.)

(Solo) Sto and and o, Loom Gallery, Milan, IT
(Solo) Lood Stof, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, NL (cat.)
Winter, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA, US
Graphic Landscape (duo w/ Charlotte Juillard), Archik, Marseille, FR 
Code Art Fair (duo w/ Stephen Smith) w/ Mini Galerie, Copenhagen, DK 
Miart w/ Loom Gallery, Milan, IT
Micro Salon, Galerie l’Inlassable, Paris, FR
Art Rotterdam w/ Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Rotterdam, NL

(Solo) Art Rotterdam w/ Mini Galerie, Rotterdam, NL
Black / White’ish, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, DK
It Hits the Fan, Noord-Hollands Archief, Haarlem, NL
Code Art Fair w/ Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
House of Madness, The Watermill Center, Water Mill, NY, US (cat.) 
Abstract Wall Paintings #II, ACEC, Apeldoorn, NL
A Plot of Land, Dutton Gallery, New York, NY, US

(Solo) S/t, Kelderman en van Noort, Eindhoven, NL
(Solo) Archiv, Ninasagt, Düsseldorf, DE
Reminiscence, Ritmo, Catania, IT
Hello Abstraction, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, DK 
Pattern / Chaos, Cinders Gallery, New York, NY, US 
Anna loog, Gallery NavArt, Sint-Niklaas, BE (cat.) 
Torenkamerfestival, VondelCS, Amsterdam, NL (cat.)

(Solo) Nachttuin, Huis Haas, Antwerp, BE
(Solo) S/t, & Pens Press, Los Angeles, CA, US
Pulchri Biënnale – Grafiek & Ruimte, Pulchri Studio, The Hague, NL 
(Re)Defining Design, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna, IT
Works on Paper, Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

Graphic AND – A Framed Utopia, Electron, Breda, NL
Acid Summer, DCKT Contemporary, New York, NY, US 
Teekarte, Galerie Jaap Sleper, Utrecht, NL
Added Value w/ Tupajumi, Supermarket, Stockholm, SE

Space / Form, Breeze Block Gallery, Portland, OR, US 
Alchemy, Harvester Gallery, Hudson, NY, US
Now or Ever, CC Ter Dilft, Bornem, BE
Symbols, Project One Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US

Collectie Imaginaire, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL
The Family Show, Good Press Gallery, Glasgow, UK 
Beyond the Empty, Needles & Pens, San Francisco, CA, US 
S/t (duo w/ Ko de Kok), galerie Iris Cornelis, Rotterdam, NL

(Solo) Home, galerie Filter, Enschede, NL
Back in 5 Mins, Monster Children Gallery, Sydney, NSW, AU 
Dynamo Expo-Sure, Direktorenhaus, Berlin, DE
Camp Out!, Alley Gallery, Hasselt, BE
ToonZaal toont Collage, ToonZaal, Rotterdam, NL

(Solo) Avalanche, NSAG, Nashville, TN, US
Art Trek, Mekanik Strip, Antwerp, BE


2015 The Jaunt, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, AF
2014 De Torenkamer, Loods 6, Opium – Radio 4, Amsterdam, N


Void ( ) by Joe Gilmore, Yagland, UK
Abstract Wall Paintings 2015 2016 2017 (Catalogue), Stichting de Witte Mier, NL 
Abstract Wall Paintings III II I (Catalogue), ACEC Foundation, NL

The Seen Journal, The Seen, US Artist of the Week, LVL3, US
Archief (on Lood Stof), Lost Painters, NL
Picks (on Lood Stof), Aujourd’hui, PT

The Burning Sand – Volume VI, The Burning Sand, UK
Paper Sea Quarterly #15 (Volume 4, Issue 3), Paper Sea Magazine, AU 
Library Paper 07 – Romance, Catalogue Library, UK
The Steidz Magazine #02 (Portfolio), The Steidz Magazine, FR
Cut That Out, Thames & Hudson, UK
Fada: House of Madness (Catalogue), The Watermill Center, US
Artist of the Month (Interview), Cinders Gallery, US
Amsterdam &Co – Amsterdam Internationaal, Amsterdam &Co, NL

Anna loog (Catalogue), NavArt, BE
D.I.Why? WILCO., Stichting WILCO. magazine, NL 
Torenkamerfestival (Catalogue), Opium op 4 / VondelCS, NL Geografie, Corraini Edizioni, IT

Grafixx Portfolio #1, Grafixx, BE Kollage, Knust / Extrapool, NL
Grafiekkrant 2014 (Catalogue), Pulchri, NL 
Cut Out For Collage, Index Book, ES
It’s Nice That (on Nachttuin), UK

Dreamstate (w/ Martine Johanna), self published, NL 
Col·la·ge (Catalogue), Mini Galerie, NL
Sans Soleil #3 — The Folk Art / Outsider Art Issue, Sans Soleil, BE 
Adventure Club — Summer 2013, CCOOLL, US
Subbacultcha! Magazine — The Idealism Issue, Subbacultcha!, NL 
Geo Graphic, Index Book, ES
Collect Magazine, Collect Magazine, NL

Park, Park Pardon, NL/BE
Now or Ever (Catalogue), CC Ter Dilft, BE

Beyond the Empty (Catalogue), Needles & Pens, US
S/t (w/ Perongeluk and Graphic Surgery), Mini Galerie, NL 
Museums Press Anthology (Catalogue), Museums Press, UK 
Utopia (w/ Martine Johanna), self published, NL
Kunstbeeld Nr. 6 (Collector’s Item), Kunstbeeld, NL
Ei’kon Magazine #3 – Visions, Ei’kon Magazine, DK

Camp Out! (w/ Ephameron and Ward Zwart), Alley Gallery, BE
Never Use More Than Two Different Typefaces, BIS Publishers, NL 
LPP Exhibit Series Volume I: Sights + Sound, Little Paper Planes, US 
Monster Children Magazine (Studio special), Monster Children, AU Glamcult, Glamcult, NL


2010 BA, AKI Academy for Art & Design, Enschede, NL