Kate McQuillen

b. 1979; Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Kate McQuillen’s paintings on panel are hyper-flat, with ghostly images embedded in the surface. Viewed from the side, there is no discernible texture, and gradients of color shift in hue and intensity.  The artist creates the work by combining tactics found in acrylic painting, watercolor, and silkscreen.  Specially modified paint is applied to the surface in a single stroke, passing through a screen which measures out the application of paint in a super-fine layer.  Each layer of paint spans multiple hues, creating a smooth gradient effect, and subsequent layers are applied at opposing angles, resulting in a range of colors.  The color palettes imagine things like astral planes, optical after-effects, psychedelia, and simulated RGB colorspaces. They suggest moments of intangibility, lapses in time, and out-of-body experiences. 


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