Ayline Olukman

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

French artist Ayline Olukman graduated from École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ESAD) in Strasbourg, France in 2005.  Olukman works with silkscreen, oil paint, collage and photography. She frequently creates mixed-media paintings using her own photographs taken during her travels combined with old photos, mostly from the 1950s, that she finds while traveling.  

Olukman’s work is largely inspired by her travels worldwide. She lived in Vancouver for six months, three months in San Francisco and has traveled extensively, including trips to Japan, China, Argentina, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. Of her travels she shares that “my favorite experience is to drive and stop wherever I want to, take pictures, visit small, traditionally unattractive cities, stay in motels and live my own private movie.” It is this innate, wanderlust freedom, insatiable curiosity, and cinematic approach to life that is reflected in her work: each piece is a mixture of autobiography and fiction that emphasizes her fascination with exploration and adventure.  Olukman also turns to filmmakers, such as David Lynch, for inspiration; she draws on his saturated colors, glamorous vintage scenes and creative use of unlikely places. Her work is interesting in its juxtaposition of past and present, new and old, dreams and reality; although her work is vibrant and colorful, it captures certain nostalgia.


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